Fremont CA Car Accident Statistics

Drivers who use Fremont roads a lot already know the dangers involved. Speeding and aggressive motorists make commutes and trips to school along busy routes like I-680 and Stevenson Boulevard very risky at times. The damage that reckless drivers cause isn’t always easy to notice apart from a quick mention on the evening news or a newspaper website. At Maison

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Fremont CA Pedestrian Accident Statistics

Fremont is known as a very walkable city. Residents will find paths to use for exercise, walking to school or work, and sidewalk routes for running errands. Unfortunately, for all the great walking paths, many pedestrians eventually have to cross busy city intersections and be put at unnecessary risk by reckless drivers. People suffer serious, life-threatening injuries every year in

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Injured as a Good Samaritan in Fremont California?

If you were injured while acting as a Good Samaritan in Fremont, California, you can likely hold the person responsible for your injuries accountable for their negligence. Contact us today for a free consultation and case evaluation if you were injured while helping someone else or acting as a Good Samaritan. California’s Good Samaritan Law: California’s Good Samaritan law encourages

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