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Martin Gasparian, Esq.

Our founding partner, Martin Gasparian, Esq., started Maison Law after working at the oldest law firm in Los Angeles. Today, Maison Law provides skilled, experienced, and personalized legal guidance to the voiceless and the injured in the Central Valley.

We represent people, not corporations. Our clients are our priority, and we work with the best experts in the field to help win our cases.

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You deserve to receive strong representation and fair compensation for your injuries.

With experience at some of the largest and most prestigious law firms in the country, founding partner Martin Gasparian, Esq. offers each client the experience of a large firm and the personalized attention to detail of a small business.

We understand the tricks and games that big insurance companies like to play and we know how to stop them. 

We perform thorough investigations into your accident and injuries in order to work towards an ideal settlement or trial verdict.

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How Do I Know If I Need a Lawyer?

The severity of your injuries usually determines if you need to trust your insurance claim to a lawyer or not. If your injuries are very minor, such as just bruising or light scratches, you may not need the help of an attorney. It’s when your injuries are more serious that the protection of a skilled Fremont personal injury lawyer is often necessary.

Something like a broken bone or brain trauma will require more care and result in higher medical bills. This triggers insurance companies to look for ways to reject your claim, like blaming an accident on you. Your Lawyer fully investigates your accident and collects evidence to make sure at-fault parties and their insurers can’t escape accountability. Then your lawyer demands the most in compensation available for your recovery.

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What Should I Do Right After a Serious Accident?

The moments after a collision on I-880 or after a fall down the stairs of a city parking garage can leave you in shock and in quite a bit of pain. But if you are left physically able and it’s safe, you should try to record some important details from the scene.

You’ll need every bit of evidence to hold a car insurance company, a city department, or a store chain responsible for your recovery costs. Some of the best proof of what really happened will be found on the scene and could quickly disappear after the scene is cleared.

Try to collect these details on the day of your accident:

  • Call 911 if you are hurt. Get checked out by paramedics. Go to the hospital if necessary. After a car crash, give the responding Fremont Police officer the California Highway Patrol officer a full account of what happened.
  • Get photos. Take pictures of everything involved in your accident. Show the obstacle that caused your injury. After a car crash, show lane markings and the damage to cars from all angles. Get pictures of any visible injuries and damaged clothing.
  • Alert a Manager. If you are injured at a business, let a manager know what happened. The manager will probably need to create an incident report. This report will usually serve as valuable evidence for your case.
  • Get contact info from witnesses. Your attorney will be contacting eyewitnesses for testimony.
  • Don’t admit fault. Don’t say “my bad” at the scene. You may not who actually caused the accident. If you say you caused the accident, insurance companies will hold you to that, even if it’s discovered later that you weren’t at fault.
  • Don’t discuss your injuries. Don’t say “I’m fine” or talk about how badly you’re hurt. You likely won’t know the full extent of your injuries until later that day or even over the next few days. Shock can hide the pain of a serious injury. Insurance companies can twist these statements to try to prove that you’ve faked an injury that’s discovered later
  • Contact a personal injury attorney. You should speak with an experienced legal professional before talking with any insurance company. Insurance companies work to limit how much you’ll receive on a settlement check. They will purposely make you wait until you are desperate and then offer a “lowball” settlement hoping you’ll jump at it. Your lawyer protects you from these tactics and makes sure you are earning the most from your accident claim.

How Much in Compensation Can I Receive After an Accident?

Your Maison Law representative will be investigating your accident, looking into the person or business at fault. Your lawyer determines how much you’ll need to make a full physical and financial recovery. However, until your lawyer has heard the details of what happened from you and has had time to fully probe the circumstances, offering an accurate estimate on your settlement will be difficult.

Several factors play a big role in the support levels you’ll be able to force an insurance company to provide. The extent of your injury and how long recovery will take are considered. The effects an injury has on your normal life also help determine the size of a settlement check.

The important thing to remember is that you should never let an insurance adjuster decide what you should receive. Your lawyer helps you determine the level of support you’ll need and then helps you demand that and more.

Your Maison Law representative will make sure support for these and other hardships are included in any personal injury accident settlement:

  • The cost of hospital care and physical therapy expenses and estimates on any future care expected to be needed.
  • The estimated costs for care in the years to come if you suffer a permanent physical disability.
  • Travel costs while making doctor’s appointments and going to see specialists. This includes the cost of shuttle services if you can’t be on your feet or drive.
  • Non-economic damages such as the physical pain and emotional distress you endure. This includes depression, anxiety, and a loss of enjoyment of life due to your injuries. Victims
  • Past and future lost income while you must miss work. Estimates on your lost earning capacity if you have a permanent disability.
  • Damage or destruction of property.

Frequently Asked Questions

Usually not. Only a small percentage of personal injury cases are decided in court. Insurance companies would much rather settle than have to defend themselves from a lawsuit in an embarrassing and expensive trial.

You won’t need any upfront money to hire a Fremont Maison Law attorney. We don’t get paid unless you win your case for you. Then, the costs for legal representation will come out of the settlement you receive.

Two years. You have up to two years to seek compensation, but you shouldn’t wait years to file. Evidence can be lost and witnesses can disappear. Talk to a Maison Law attorney about your case as soon as possible.